Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 Fashion Trends of the 1920s

The 1920s it is... Here are some fashion that I believe deserve a comeback.

1) Red red red lipstick - Make-up was still in its infancy and so commercially available lipstick was only available in RED. It still looks amazing and every woman should own a tube.

2) Black eyeliner - The technique here is a little different than you'll usually see outside of high fashion these days. The eyeliner was worn in a very thick line all the way around the eye and then even thicker in the corners. Just be glad the composition of eyeliner is no longer coal and goose grease.

3) Apple cheeks - Rouge was worn on just the apple of the cheek, not swept towards the hairline. Think a visible circle on the apple of your cheek. It may seem a little awkward at first, but if you want to go authentic, this is the look.

4) Boyish figure - The 1920s ditched the corset and the ideal figure was flat-chested and somewhat boxy. So, if you want to go twenties, you'll have to strap the girls down and find clothes that minimize your feminine curves.

5) Freedom - Specifics aside, 1920s women's fashion was all about freedom of movement, which is why you see the loose shift gowns and the drapery. If you want to go twenties, give yourself some room to breathe.

6) Golf, anyone? - Men's fashion relied heavily on athletic uniforms. Of course, the fashionable athletics of the 1920s were tennis and golf, leading to high socks and sweaters.

7) The Cloche - That iconic, beautiful hat of the 1920s for women.

8) The Fedora - The fedora was all the rage of the 1920s for men.

9) Leather Helmets - No joke, because of the popularity of WWI fighter pilots, both men and women became highly fond of wearing the pilot-style leather helmets.

10) Tutankhamen - King Tut's tomb was discovered in 1922 and women's shoes and jewelry began to take on Egyptian influence.

11) Backless dresses - While the Western world wasn't quite ready for cleavage, they were totally fine with back fat. Dresses kept high collars in the front, but had very low cut backs.

12) Mahjongg - No joke; it took the world by storm.

13) Bobbed hair - Long hair was associated with virtue and maidenhood, so when the ladies of the 1920s started hacking their hair off, there were deeply ingrained social norms causing the shock.

14) Fingerwaves - After the hair was bobbed, it was fingerwaved and I LOVE this style, but have never been able to recreate it at home.

15) Smoking - All those fiesty flappers started smoking in public, which was considered crass, masculine, and unacceptable for women. Bless those girls for starting the revolution... too bad the heyday's over.

16) Bright colours - Forget those drab colours of the Victorian era. Fashion of the 1920s was much brighter than previous fashions.

17) Bras - No, for real. Corsets were seen as constricting and out-dated. During the 1920s the modern bra was developed.


  1. Thanks, Deborah! I do try to be at least moderately entertaining/informative =)

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