Sunday, November 28, 2010

17 Types of Bodily Fluids

Just to take this to a disturbing and disgusting level... Here are 17 different types of bodily fluid (bet you didn't know you oozed that much)...

1) Vitreous Humour - the gel/goo that fills the space between your retina and the lens of your eye.

2) Blood

3) Urine

4) Sebum (skin oil... the stuff that gets gunked up in your pores and causes things like blackheads)

5) Sweat

6) Tears

7) Cerebrospinal fluid - the stuff around and inside your brain and spinal cord

8) Vomit

9) Gastric acid

10) Endolymph - the fluid of your inner ear

11) Peritoneal fluid - The fluid that lubricates your abdominal organs

12) Semen

13) Vaginal secretions

14) Mucus

15) Pleural fluid - the fluid in your chest cavity

16) Saliva

17) Cerumen (ear wax)

Enjoy your next hotel stay!