Saturday, May 1, 2010

17 Animals That Start with "X"

No joke... it's pretty amazing. Win scrabble with this!

1) Xenop : a rainforest bird

2) Xerus: a kind of African squirrel (I know it from the children's book series "Sweet Pickles")

3) Xantus: a yak

4) Xenopus: a frog

5) Xantusiidae: a type of night lizard

6) Xenicidae: a family of wrens found in New Zealand

7) Xoni:... um, not sure... and when I tried to search it in encyclopedia Britannica it offered me Joni Mitchell

8) Xuanhuasauru: dinosaur with a beak... bitchin'

9) Xenoposeidon: more dinosaurs!

10) Xenopeltidae: sunbeam snakes
11) Xenipirostris: a genus of birds from Madagascar
12) Xenarthra: a superorder of mammals found in the Americas... includes some sloths, anteaters, and armadillos
13) Xinjiangovenator: yet another awesome dinosaur
14) X-ray tetra: a fish... duh
15) Xanclomys: an extinct genus of mammal... blah blah blah
16) Xanthareel: a yellow eel
17) Xenomys: a type of Mexican mouse... no joke.


  1. X-ray tetra is not, and I don't believe xerus is either. But the rest probably are.

  2. i cant believe there are so many different blooming animals

  3. helped me thanks!!!!!!!!

  4. the cussing should be called out and told to someone and needs to be fixed

  5. Ok guys bitchin isn't a swear word look it up

  6. I've been looking for Xenarthra for a long time, but I couldn't remember that actual word. Thank you very much ... and who knew there were so many X-named animals. :D Also, Xoni is mythological. but I couldn't find a decent description or origin.