Saturday, May 1, 2010

17 Animals That Start with "X"

No joke... it's pretty amazing. Win scrabble with this!

1) Xenop : a rainforest bird

2) Xerus: a kind of African squirrel (I know it from the children's book series "Sweet Pickles")

3) Xantus: a yak

4) Xenopus: a frog

5) Xantusiidae: a type of night lizard

6) Xenicidae: a family of wrens found in New Zealand

7) Xoni:... um, not sure... and when I tried to search it in encyclopedia Britannica it offered me Joni Mitchell

8) Xuanhuasauru: dinosaur with a beak... bitchin'

9) Xenoposeidon: more dinosaurs!

10) Xenopeltidae: sunbeam snakes
11) Xenipirostris: a genus of birds from Madagascar
12) Xenarthra: a superorder of mammals found in the Americas... includes some sloths, anteaters, and armadillos
13) Xinjiangovenator: yet another awesome dinosaur
14) X-ray tetra: a fish... duh
15) Xanclomys: an extinct genus of mammal... blah blah blah
16) Xanthareel: a yellow eel
17) Xenomys: a type of Mexican mouse... no joke.


  1. X-ray tetra is not, and I don't believe xerus is either. But the rest probably are.

  2. i cant believe there are so many different blooming animals

  3. helped me thanks!!!!!!!!

  4. the cussing should be called out and told to someone and needs to be fixed