Monday, April 26, 2010

17 Types of Citrus Fruit

Before reading, you're probably counting in your head.... how many did you get? Five? Six?... Maybe seven if you're into food... well, here are 17 different citrus fruits for the next time you're feeling a little fruity...

1) Orange: Duh. But this includes navel, bergamont, mandarin, sweet, bitter, blood and trifoliate oranges.

2) Pomelo (pummelo, shaddock): Not super sweet, but not exactly sour. It's kind of like a grapefruit's bland brother. They are, however, quite delicious. In fact, a friend of mine would serenade her pomelos to the tune of "Mandy"... "Oh pomelo, you came and you were so juicy..."

3) Lime: Probably a no brainer but here are the different varieties - key, finger, desert, Australian round, Persian, and kaffir.

4) Lemon: Of course... this is the citrus fruit keeping all our cooked fish happy in our mouths. We've got imperial, ichang, meyer, ponderosa, and volkamer.

5) Kumquat: While the name always has me wanting to use it as a term of endearment, these tiny little citrus fruits are delicious. You can eat the entire thing, skin and all. So, when you eat it you get the bitter of the rind and the sweet of the meat and they're... just.... so... *drool*....

6) Grapefruit: Dieter's choice... as long as it's coated in sugar. I have to tell you, though, sometimes I just love a glass of grapefruit juice.

7) Citron: Historically, this citrus native to India was used for medicinal purposes because it's quite difficult to eat and not exactly the juiciest of fruits. Nowadays it's mostly used for things like zest, along with being processed into a sugar substitute when manufacturing candy in many Eastern countries. It is possible to find them in grocery stores, so if you're willing to hack through the tough rind to get to the dry, mostly juiceless center... go for it.

8) Tangerine: No, it's not an orange.

9) Papeda: From the best of my understanding, it's a kind of lemony-limey thing. But then again, I don't really know.

10) Tangelo: The tangerine/pomelo hybrid. Super yummy.

11) Buddah's hand: These crazy looking things are used for their fragrance, zest and dry meat. The pith on them isn't as bitter as say a lemon or an orange, so it's quite easy to simply cut them up and use them in cooking. Personally, I've only ever had candied Buddah's hand (just the rind) and it was quite delicious.

12) Ugly: Yeah, when they named this fruit, they weren't joking. At any rate it's a grapefruit, tangerine, orange hybrid. How they ever sell, we may never know.

13)  Yuzu: Although not proven, it's believed to be a cross between a mandarin orange and an Ichang papeda. Popular in Korean and Japanese cooking, it's beginning to gain steam in Western cuisine. Good luck, little Yuzu!

14) Rangpur: I've never had one, but I'll LOVE to try this highly acidic cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon... my mouth waters just thinking about it.

15) Amanatsu: From the picture you might think it was an orange, but the size it comparable to a grapefruit. It is usually eaten raw or made into marmalades.

16) Iyokan: It's a Japanese fruit... small... shiny... orange and the taste is reported to be similar to an orange only a little more bitter. Sounds good to me.

17) Chinotto: Although the tree that these grow on is sometimes referred to as a myrtle orange tree... they aren't oranges. Also, quite brilliantly, almost all citrus is native to Asia... except this. This is all Italy, baby. .. Er, okay so it originated in China, theoretically, but it's not actually grown there anymore. Oh, and this fruit is essential for making bitters (can't have a decent bar without 'em!).


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