Friday, March 19, 2010

17 Types of Kisses

Whether or not you can admit it, I know you're interested. You're thinking... what type of kisser am I? What type should I be?... Or you're thinking, who the hell bothered to categorize all the types of kisses??!!

The first eight are the ones from the kama sutra (admittedly these speak in very heterosexual terms, please don't be offended) :

1) Nimitaka: kissing on the lips without force

2) Sphuritaka: pressing against the lips and occasionally touching the cheeks

3) Ghaditaka: the woman pushes her lips into the man's mouth and kisses while feeling his tongue

4) Samachumbana: the "equal" kiss, staying face to face and kissing on the lips, eyes can touch

5) Thiryak: the man holds the right side of the woman's head with his left hand, carressing her breast with his right hand. According to the kama sutra, the woman loves this so much, she begins to carress the man's penis.

6) Uddrandha: A kiss instigated by one partner standing behind the other, turning the other's head and kissing his/her lips

7) Avapeeditha: suckling the lips

8) Aakrishta: simulataneously pressing her upper and lower lips with hands and kissing her lips without teeth-touching

Other kinds:

9) Eskimo kiss: Loosely based on the greeting called "kunik" from traditional Inuit culture. Rubbing noses together (though kunik is quite different).

10) Butterfly kiss: fluttering one's eyelashes against someone else's skin

11) French kiss: a wonderful old standby - kissing with the tongue

12) Reverse kiss: Kissing your partner from above them... allows both partners access to the bottom lip

13) Air kiss: resting your cheek against your partner's cheek and making a kissy noise

14) Aunty Kiss: kissing someone's cheek and leaving a lipstick stain

15) The Kiss of Judas: from the Bible. Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve prophets according to the Bible, betrayed Jesus Christ in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. Judas identified Jesus for arrest with a kiss.

16) Hershey Kiss: a piece of chocolate in the shape of a slightly squished cone... wrapped in a bit of tin foil with a small paper "flag" sticking out that says "Hershey's" on it.

17) First Kiss: Rather self-evident... your first kiss. The first time your lips meet those of someone you could potentially at some point be interested in romantically.

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